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1st Grade

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Below are a few samples of important things for you to look for this year as your child attends my class. If you have any questions as the year progresses, please don’t hesitate to call/write and ask.

Weekly Spelling List

Every Monday you should receive a piece of paper that has that week’s words listed. That Friday we will test the kids on those specific words.

Weekly Word Cards

Every Monday you should receive this envelope with the words we are teaching that week. Please keep the word cards at home and practice as time permits.

Tear and Take Story

Every Wednesday you should receive a short story that is similar to this one. This story incorporates the weekly skills we are teaching and is a good review of those skills.

Watch Me Read Story

Every Thursday you should receive a short story that is similar to this. Your child will be asked to read this story to his/her teacher the following day. We also test your child on the weekly word cards and any other specific reading skills we have taught that week.

Friday Testing

Every Friday we individually ask each child to come up to our desk and question them on the skills for the week. You should receive a copy of this test the following Monday or Tuesday. This will show you exactly what was tested and how your child has done.