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Future Problem Solving (FPS)
Mr. Monson
The Future Problem Solving (FPS) Program provides an effective model to teach critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and decision-making. This program is interdisciplinary and its components promote interpersonal communication, leadership, and responsible group membership.

The FPS six-step model serves as the foundation to dynamic, creative thinking processes and includes:

  1. Identify challenges related to the topic or future scene.
  2. Select an underlying problem.
  3. Produce solution ideas to the underlying problem
  4. Generate and select criteria to evaluate the solution ideas.
  5. Evaluate solution ideas to determine the best solution idea.
  6. Develop an action plan for the best solution idea.

FPS equips today’s young people with the vision and skills needed to anticipate, understand, and solve the problems of tomorrow.  The goals of the FPS Program are:

  • Encourages students to improve their critical and analytical thinking skills
  • Aids students in increasing their creative thinking abilities
  • Stimulates students’ knowledge and interest in the future
  • Extends students’ written and verbal communication
  • Encourages students to develop and improve research proficiency
  • Provides opportunities to apply process tools and methods to real world problem solving
  • Guides students to become more self-directed and responsible
  • Develops teamwork skills and advances responsible group membership
  • Promotes decision-making techniques to reach agreement with team members
  • Provides a problem-solving model students integrate into their lives

The students research a topic to gather background information and understand its importance for the future.  A future scene or imagined scene is then provided to the students that presents a glimpse of what is happening, related to the topic, 25-40 years in the future.

A team of students utilizes their research information as they apply the six-step FPS model to the future scene.  In exploring challenges students refine their critical and creative thinking skills; select one problem area to address; produce unique solution ideas; select criteria to evaluate the solution ideas; and develop an action plan to resolve their specific problem.  Students record their ideas in a twelve-page booklet.  Communication skills are fundamental to this process.

The FPS coach will introduce a variety of generating and focusing tools, and creative and critical thinking strategies, providing students with options to stimulate creative possibilities and select innovative and effective solutions.  A completed booklet is evaluated and scored by certified evaluators and returned with feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Community Problem Solvers (CmPS)
Mrs. Pawley
CmPS (Community Problem Solvers) meets Thursdays after school until 4:30.  During this time, students engage in many activities, including brainstorming, brain games, problem solving games, and STEM activities.  Learning the value, as well as participating as volunteers, is a major part of CmPS where students are given opportunities to give back to the community in a variety of fun ways.


Quiz Bowl
Mrs. Wilson & Ms. Lehmer
 Fifth grade students have competed in the Quiz Bowl program for the past several years. These students are selected by reviewing their achievement, grades, work habits and interest. Students receive practice materials for use on the computer, which they use for drill and practice. The final session is done on computers with the results sent in for evaluation. Our students have done very well in this competition.  Becky Lehmer & Amy Wilson coordinates this activity.


Hamilton County Spelling Contest
Mrs. Wilson, Ms. Lehmer, Mrs. Lorence & Mr. Herrmann
 Our students compete in the Hamilton County Spelling Contest, which is held in February. Two fifth grade students are selected by having a grade-level spelling competition. These students then participate at the county level.


Mrs. Metzger & Mr. Sodomka
 Fifth grade students have the opportunity to participate in band. In the fall, students work with Band instructors Mrs. Metzger and Mr. Sodomka to select an instrument that is best suited for them. They perform in December and May at the Middle School Theater.